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Find your exact age with our easy online age calculator. Accurate and free method to calculate your exact age and date of birth. Try now!

Age calculator online by date of birth: How old are you? Do you want to know your age? Then you can find out very easily. If you do not know the age calculation formula, then you can calculate your birthday, month and year from this website. Here you can check your age, your family or someone else’s age. 

I hope this age calendar calculator will always be useful for you. With this our main goal is to share with you some good and useful calculators. 

It can calculate the full current or exact age. Because this calculator has been created by the correct formula. So that you can check your age correctly. For this you don’t have to calculate your age by using any type of age calculation formula. Instead, you can come to this website and easily check your or another person’s age with a “birthday date”.


How can you calculate your age In Online?

It is very easy to calculate your age. Just read and watch the infographic and methods given below carefully. 

  • Select your birthday date like “MM / DD / YY = 11/08/2001“.
  • Then, click on “Calculate Button”.
  • Finally you can see your birthday, age, month.

Date Of Birth Calculation Easy Formula

If you want to calculate your age manually, you need to know your date of birth, month, year. Then subtract it with today’s date, month, year. The method of subtraction must be correct. Only then is it possible to calculate your exact age. 

Age calculation method:

For example, suppose your date of birth is “11/08/2001” and today’s date is “06/19/2022”, then what is your age?


Year = 2022 – 2001 = 21 Year’s.

Month = 19 – 08 = 11 Months.

Day = 6 – 11 = 5 Day’s.

Ans: Your age is 11 months 5 days 21 years Old.

So, using this method you can easily verify your age or, you can use our age calculator to calculate age in a more simple way. 

Note: This calculator can only calculate your age from “date of birth” and it provides 100% original data. 


Most online websites only want to know the date of birth when calculating age. But it is good to know that age cannot be calculated by date of birth alone. So I was wondering how to find out the exact age of a person. After spending some time on this, I created a simple JavaScript program through which you can now check your age. If you find our calculators very useful, please share them with your friends.

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