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Amazon product profit margin calculator: If you are a seller and business man on amazon marketplace. Then, this amazon profit calculator for you. You can easily calculate your product profit without knowing any calculation formula. Because we are already making this calculator with an accurate calculation formula. That’s why you do not need any formula for this amazon profit margin.

This calculator is very useful for easy calculation of Amazon FBA. Now we are talking about how it works?


How to use Amazon Profit Calculator?

The method you can use to calculate amazon product profit margin using this calculator is given below:

  1. Insert your wholesale product price and product quantity
  2. Insert your product sales price and product quantity.
  3. Insert your shipping cost and click the calculate button.

How Does The Amazon Revenue Calculator Work?

This calculator is made by a complete java program which is a very advanced programming language for online maths. This programming script first collects the price of your wholesale product and multiplies it by the total product to find out the total product cost. Then multiply the value of the product sold and the total sales product to get only the product profit.

Then, subtracting the total product profit from the total product cost, the total only product profit is calculated. Then, subtracting the total shipping cost from the only product profit, the data that is available is amazon product profit.

This is how the Amazon profit calculator works. If you want to find out the profit of your product manually, then I am giving below the formula of amazon profit calculation. 

Amazon Profit Calculation Formula: 

Revenue calculation formula is (first you need product buying price and product selling price then you need shipping total cost).

For example:  Suppose you buy 100 products from China for $ 50 to do business on amazon and custom fees / shipping cost $ 500 to bring the products to your country. After that, You sold the product for 90 piece $ 80 per product. So how much is your revenue?

First you need to find out the purchase price of all the products using the following formula:

Total buying product cost=(product wholesale cost x product quantity)
=($50 x 100)

then,  you need to find out the selling price of all the products using the following formula:

Total sales product price=(product sales price x product quantity)
=($80 x 90)

After finding out the total buying product cost and Total sales product price, you need to find out the only product profit through the following formula. 

Only product profit=(Total sales product price – Total sales product price)
=($7,200 $5,000)

After that you can find out the total product profit by subtracting Shipping Cost with Only product profit.

Total product profit=(Only product profit – Shipping Cost)
=($2,200 $500)

Ans: Total Product revenue is $1,700.

This is also a completely correct formula for Amazon seller profit calculation. Using which you can calculate your profit in a very simple way. You can use our Amazon Profit Calculator to calculate profit faster.


How is Amazon revenue calculated?

If you want to make more money with Amazon, then calculating Amazon Revenue is one of the most important steps. Let’s assume that you’re selling a shirt for $20. You can get your Amazon Revenue by taking $20 and multiplying it by the item’s sales rank.

How do I fill out Fulfillment by Amazon revenue calculator?

The Revenue Calculator is a preview tool that allows you to compare revenue estimates for products based on the fulfillment channel used. You can view product differences and their values under each channel, including Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM, based on your inventory level.

Is the FBA calculator free?

The FBA Revenue Calculator is a free tool available for most Amazon sellers. It allows you to estimate how much revenue you can acquire from a particular order of your choice.

How is Amazon product profit margin calculated?

Amazon product margin is a simple formula for calculating the percentage of profit generated from revenue after you have accounted for all of your expenses, costs, and open cash flow items. The formula for calculating net profit margin is total revenue minus COGS divided by total revenue. This can help you calculate how much of your profit is generated by each part of your business.


The Amazon profit calculator provides you every product profit margin. So, this is the most actual amazon profit margin calculator which is easy to use. You can easily adjust your desired price and get the product profit in just a few second. 

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