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Article Word Counter Online Tool – Count Quickly

Are you looking for such free online tools? Where can your article’s Word, Characters, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Reading Time count? 

Then this word counter tools created by us will be very useful for you. 

This tool can detect the words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and reading time of your article very quickly. It also provides you with accurate information.

This allows you to speed up your work and we are very happy that we have created a multitasking tool for you.

Now, you need to know.

How does this tool actually work?

Actually there is a lot of Java Script coding behind this tool. Through which this tool always provides accurate information.

The API key of any other website is not used in this tool. It is fully developed with Javascript code. As a result, you can bookmark this tool and use the tool without any internet connection.

You can use this tool all your life if you want, you won’t see any problem here.

It is a completely free online word counter tool where you can count unlimited words for free. It has many types of facilities that the user will understand only by using this tool. 

All the features of this tools are given below:

  • Can do word count.
  • Can count characters.
  • Sentences can count.
  • Paragraphs can count.
  • Can detect Reading Time.

How accurate is this tool?

Every tool we develop is used by ourselves and by using these tools we get 100% accurate information. Then you can understand how much accurate information this tool will give you.

Finally, thank you very much for using our article word counter tool.