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Are you a Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) student looking to calculate your GPA without the hassle of complex formulas? We hope uur HSC GPA Online Calculator is the perfect solution for you. This calculator providing an easy and efficient way to determine your GPA based on the latest HSC grading system.

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Our HSC GPA Calculator Online is designed to make GPA calculations a breeze for HSC students. Whether you’re in the Science, Business, or Humanities group, our calculator caters to all, ensuring accurate results without the need for advanced mathematical knowledge.


HSC Grading System Table

To comprehend how our HSC GPA Calculator works, let’s take a quick look at the HSC Grading System:


This table outlines the relationship between grades, points, and the corresponding marks in the HSC exam.

Now, let’s see!

How to Calculate GPA for HSC Using Our Online Calculator?

01: Select Your Group: Choose your HSC group – Science, Business, or Humanities. This is a crucial step to tailor the calculation to your specific subjects.

02. Choose HSC Grade Format: Decide whether you want the GPA calculation in grade format or point format. If you choose grade format, you’ll need to select subject-wise grades; if you choose point format, input each subject’s points.

03. Select Your Optional Subject: Identify and select your optional subjects in the calculator. Ensure you choose all subjects, treating them as optional for accurate results.

04. Select Subject Wise Grade: Pick the grades you achieved in each subject. For instance, if you scored an A+ in Bengali, select A+ in the calculator for Bengali.

05. Final HSC GPA Result: After inputting all the necessary details, hit the “Calculate GPA” button. You’ll instantly see your final HSC GPA result, featuring both GPA grade and GPA points.

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FAQs – About HSC GPA Calculator Online

What is HSC GPA Online Calculator?

Our HSC GPA Online Calculator is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the GPA calculation process for HSC students. It considers the latest grading system and provides accurate results based on the selected group, grade format, and subject-wise grades.

What is HSC Exam Pass Mark?

To pass the HSC exam, a student must obtain a minimum of 33 marks out of 100 subject-wise. The grading system ranges from A+ to D, with F indicating a failure.

What is Golden A+ in HSC Exam?

Achieving a Golden A+ in the HSC exam means obtaining A+ grades (80 or above) in every subject. It signifies outstanding performance across all subjects.

How Many Marks are Required to Pass the HSC Exam?

A student needs to secure a minimum of 33 marks out of 100 in each subject to pass the HSC exam.


Our HSC GPA Calculator Online is a valuable tool that empowers you to effortlessly calculate your GPA, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. By following the outlined steps and understanding the HSC grading system, you can obtain your GPA result with ease. Simplify your academic journey with our user-friendly calculator today!