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Find perfect keywords with our Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator. Optimize your content with ease using our KGR checker and formula. Boost your SEO now!

keyword golden ratio calculator: This is the main factor of SEO for perfect keyword research. if you calculate KGR, I mean (Keyword Golden Ratio). I hope you get ranking easily on google. But even then it is not easy to rank, you have to calculate it correctly.  Don’t worry, we are already making this KGR calculator for your helping purpose.  If you are using this calculator I hope you do not need to calculate manually.  Because I am developing this calculator using the correct KGR formula.

How to use keyword golden ratio calculator

You can calculate your keyword golden ratio percentage with an easy way on this website. So let’s see how you can calculate your “KGR”.

  1. First you need to insert the number value of allintitle.
  2. Then insert your keyword search volume
  3. Finally, you need to click the calculate button
  4. Then you can see your KGR percentage

Keyword Golden Ratio Formula Is:

KGR =  allintitle / keyword search volume = KGR Percentage

For example: Suppose the total search volume of the keyword that you have researched is 500 and allintitle results are 40, what will be the KGR of that keyword? 

KGR calculation: KGR = 40 / 500 = 0.08% (Great)

Ans: KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) is  0.08%.

Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator Chart

The percentage of KGR will come out, but how do you know what percentage of keyword golden ratio you can work with? For this I have given an infographic below. You can easily understand what percentage of a keyword to work with.



How do I check Allintitle?

The method of manually checking allintitle is (allintitle: “Your Keyword”) by typing in the google search bar and you will get all the information. 

How do I calculate which keywords can rank?

For your content ranking you can use our KGR calculator to find the best keyword for your content. Also I am satisfied with using our  keyword golden ratio calculator.

How can I find low competition keywords for free?

If you want to do keyword research for free then you can use Google Keyword Planner. After researching the keywords in a good way, you need to find out the keyword golden ratio using KGR calculator. And if you create content with those keywords, your content rank will be 100%. 

Note: If you are using the keyword golden ratio, then it will take time to see the results. It is a long-term process and you have to be patient with your efforts. The percentage of KGR that you are able to use will depend on many factors such as niche, competition and content quality.


I am sharing this Keyword Golden Ratio calculator to all of you because I have tested it and it was perfect, but you can test it by yourself as well. I hope it will help you to find KGR.

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