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Discover your soulmate with the best True Love Calculator by name. Get real love percentages & accurate results. Try the ultimate Love Test now!

Real Love Calculator | Love Percentage Compatibility Test By Name: “Just as death is eternal truth on earth, so love is immortal on earth” if you are looking for the best love calculator in the world. So, I hope this love percentage calculator is for you. Because in this calculator you can see your love percentage. If you are interested in calculating love, then I am telling you “please try this calculator if you have a lover or secret crush name”.  

How to use a love percentage calculator?

This love calculator is very simple to use on this site. If you are new to this site, please follow below these easy steps for calculating your true love.


First of all you need two names for calculating love percentage.

  1.  If you are a girl, then insert your name in the first field and insert your lover name in the second field.
  2.  Same as for a boy!
  3.  Then calculate, you can see there your love score in percentage.

What is the Love Calculator?

The Love Calculator is an online tool that allows you to see how much you love someone or how much they love you. The calculator is meant to be a free and easy way to find out how much you are falling in love with someone. It is based on the logic that if two people have a lot of feelings for each other, the total will be much higher than the individual feelings. The Love Calculator is easy to use, and you just need to enter the name of your partner, and the calculator will provide you with the percentage that you should feel for them. Thus, if you and your partner each score a 50% on the Love Calculator, then you should love each other very much and have strong feelings for each other.

How does a Love meter Calculator work?

One thing you may have noticed about this calculator is that it shows a random percentage.

Example: When you insert the same name over and over again it will show different types of percentages.

In fact, it has some functional “js” parameters. so when you first write your name with your partner / lover’s name. then this calculator program finds the relationship compatibility in this parameter. if it finds out it will show a higher score, and if this program does not find twin flame compatibility, then the percentage will show less. This is how love calculation works.

How accurate is the relationship percentage calculator?

Love Test Calculator offers results that have proven to be 100% accurate. The complex algorithms on which the Online Love Calculator web-site works are believed to offer complete authenticity to love meter test results. The individual concerned can use the calculator to determine their compatibility with another person.

How do you find true love percentage?

Love Meter is an online love detector with which you can measure the percentage of love compatibility and chances of successful relationship between two people. The tool is based on mathematical rules that have been used in human relationships over time to advise the probability of finding a compatible partner.


This calculator is the easiest way to know if you are in love with someone. All you need to enter is your lover or secret crush name or their name; this way the calculation will be based on his/her name. The point is that when you enter the name of your lover, the same feelings and emotions that you share with that person will be generated by the system. 

Note: In this calculator you can do your love percentage test but, actually this calculator we are developed for entertainment purposes. If you want, you can use this love calculator as a prank with your partner.

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