Percent Error Calculator

Unlock the secrets of precision with our Percent Error Calculator. Easily learn, calculate, and grasp the essence of percent error in your experiments! Your guide to accurate results.

In this digital era, accuracy is paramount, especially when it comes to experimental or observed values. Our Percent Error Calculator is your go-to tool for determining the relative size of the difference between your experimental value and the true, accepted value. Let’s delve into the world of percent error and explore how our calculator can streamline this process for you.


What is Percent Error?

Percent error is a crucial metric that measures the difference between an experimental or estimated value and the true, accepted value. It provides insight into how closely your observed value aligns with the expected actual value. At A2Z Calculators, we understand the significance of this metric and have designed a user-friendly Percent Error Calculator to simplify your calculations.

How to Calculate Percent Error:

Calculating percent error might seem complex, but with our intuitive calculator, it’s a breeze. Simply input your observed and true values, and let our calculator do the rest. The formula is as follows:

Percent Error = ( Experimental − Theoretical / Theoretical ) * 100%

Finding Percent Error – Step by Step:

  1. Input Values: Enter your observed and true values into the designated fields.
  2. Calculation: The calculator subtracts the theoretical value from the experimental value, takes the absolute value, divides it by the theoretical value, and multiplies by 100 to give you the percent error.
  3. Result: Receive an accurate percentage representing the difference between your observed and true values.

Example Calculation:

Suppose you measured the boiling point of water and obtained an average of 101.5°C, while the true boiling point is 100°C. Using our Percent Error Calculator:

Percent Error = ( 101.5 − 100 / 100 ) * 100%

= 1.5% (Ans:)

So, your experimental boiling point has a 1.5% error compared to the theoretical boiling point of water.

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