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Are you planning to launch an exciting project on Kickstarter and wondering how much it will cost you in fees? Then, Welcome to our Kickstarter Fee Calculator, a powerful online tool developed by and brought to you by Nishat Shagor.

With this user-friendly calculator, you can effortlessly estimate the fees associated with your Kickstarter campaign. Simply input the total amount of funds you plan to raise and the number of backers, and voilà! The Kickstarter Fees, Payment Processing Fees, and Total Campaign Fees will be displayed, empowering you to budget effectively for your crowdfunding success.

Kickstarter Fee Calculator
Kickstarter Fee Calculator

Kickstarter Fee Structure:

One of the most critical factors to consider when launching a Kickstarter campaign is understanding the platform’s fee structure.

Kickstarter charges a flat fee of 5% on all funds raised through the campaign. This means that if you aim to raise $10,000, Kickstarter’s fee will be $500. It’s essential to account for this amount in your project’s budget to ensure a smooth funding experience.

Payment Processing Fees:

In addition to the Kickstarter fee, there are payment processing fees to consider. Kickstarter applies a 3% fee on the total funds raised, and there is an additional charge of $0.20 per transaction.

Let’s break it down with an example:

if your campaign reaches $5,000 with 100 backers, the payment processing fees would amount to $150 (3% of $5,000) plus $20 ($0.20 per transaction for 100 backers), totaling $170.

Total Campaign Fees:

To get the overall picture of the expenses tied to your Kickstarter campaign, you need to combine both the Kickstarter fee and the payment processing fees. For instance, if you aim to raise $20,000 and have 300 backers, the Kickstarter fee will be $1,000 (5% of $20,000), and the payment processing fees will amount to $600 (3% of $20,000) plus $60 ($0.20 per transaction for 300 backers), summing up to $1,660 in Total Campaign Fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does Kickstarter take in fees?

Kickstarter charges a flat fee of 5% on all funds raised through your campaign. Additionally, there are payment processing fees of 3% and $0.20 per transaction. Our Kickstarter Fee Calculator helps you estimate these costs precisely for your campaign.

Do backers make money on Kickstarter?

Backers contribute to Kickstarter campaigns with the understanding that they are supporting a project they believe in, and in return, they may receive rewards or perks offered by the project creator. However, backers do not receive financial returns or equity in the project.

Do you get to keep all the money from Kickstarter?

As a project creator, you get to keep the funds raised through your Kickstarter campaign, minus the platform fees (5% of the total funds raised) and payment processing fees (3% + $0.20 per transaction). The remaining amount is yours to bring your project to life.

Does Kickstarter charge right away?

Yes, Kickstarter charges fees shortly after your campaign successfully ends and reaches its funding goal. These fees are automatically deducted from the funds raised before they are transferred to your account.


With our Kickstarter Fee Calculator, you can plan your crowdfunding campaign with confidence, knowing exactly how much Kickstarter will charge in fees and payment processing costs. Understanding these expenses will help you set an appropriate funding goal and create a successful project on Kickstarter. Remember, proper budgeting is key to achieving crowdfunding success, so use our calculator and launch your dream project today!

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